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Why join GEMS

GEMS is committed to providing you with all the information you require so that you can make the best possible decisions about the healthcare cover of employees in your department.

Since its inception seven years ago, GEMS has continued to go from strength to strength. Today we are the second biggest and fastest growing medical scheme in South Africa with over 1.8 million beneficiaries under our cover in total. This phenomenal growth is largely due to the close attention being paid to member service and to meeting and exceeding the expectations of our members.

GEMS is affordable

  • The employer pays a 75% subsidy
  • GEMS benefit plans are 10% to 15% less expensive, with similar or increased benefits, when compared to other medical schemes.
  • Annual subsidy limits will increase by medical price inflation (MPI) every year. 

GEMS offers ‘Big Scheme' security

  • GEMS is the biggest closed medical scheme and the second largest scheme in South Africa.
  • Less than 7% of contributions are spent on non-healthcare services, compared to an industry average of 12%, meaning that for every R100 in member contributions, GEMS spends R93 on healthcare costs, compared to the industry average of R84.

GEMS is not too big to serve its members

  • GEMS provide free face-to-face consultation services at the workplace.
  • Assistance in the language of the member's choice.
  • GEMS was rated as the No 1 medical scheme for service excellence in the Ask Africa Orange Index in 2011 and 2013, and came third in 2014.

GEMS covers more family members

  • We understand that the South African family is unique. That's why we cover various family members as dependants - including siblings, grandchildren and even nephews and nieces. Please contact us on 0860 00 4367 or visit Join GEMS for a comprehensive list of dependants covered by GEMS.

When comparing benefits and contributions, the GEMS options compare well to the industry average.

Read our 2017 Marketing brochure find out more about what GEMS has to offer.

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