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Designated Service Providers

A DSP is a healthcare provider or group of providers who have been selected by GEMS to provide members with the diagnosis, treatment and care in respect of medical conditions, including PMB conditions. GEMS has selected the following DSPs for PMB care:

  • State hospitals
    The State is GEMS's DSP for the treatment of in-hospital PMBs. Click here to find the provincial hospitals.
  • Chronic medicine DSPs
    Beneficiaries are given an option to choose the Courier Pharmacy or any Network Pharmacy that is within 10km of their workplace or home. They are also required to remain with the pharmacy they have chosen for a period of six months. This is in line with the six month script cycle. View the 2017 Chronic Medicine Guide for more information. 
  • GEMS Network of healthcare providers
    For members (especially those on the Sapphire and Beryl options) to have access to comprehensive benefits through a network of healthcare providers. Click here to find a network healthcare provider.
  • GEMS Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Network
    For unlimited EMS assistance to all members.
  • Specialist Network
    The Specialist Network currently covers Paediatricians, Physicians (which includes Pulmonologists, Gastro-enterologists,Neurologists, Cardiologists, Rheumotologists), Psychiatrists, Obstetricians and Gynaecologists. This will be extended to more specialties in 2018.

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