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No rehab for brain trauma patients
Despite the burgeoning numbers of traumatic brain injuries in the country, the victims of this trauma end up being worse off because of a critical shortage of rehabilitation centres.
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Nominate your Family Practitioner (FP)
GEMS requires you and your dependants to nominate a GEMS Network FP during 2015. We believe that this will help you and your family receive the best care and realise the benefits of using one provider.
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KZN health professionals to pay millions
Yet another group of health care professionals from the KwaZulu-Natal Health Department are to repay millions of rands after they were found to have fraudulently made over R151 million in claims from medical aid schemes.
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Breaking your family's bad eating habits
Children are as busy as adults these days, so it's not hard to fall into bad eating habits because of a lack of time and the convenience of fast foods and snacks. Break the cycle and guide your family.
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At GEMS we offer a lot of different programmes for disease condition management.

Managing HIV

Our full support for members living with HIV

Maternity Programme

High-quality care for our expectant mothers

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