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17th Public Sector Trainers' Forum
The forum will take place from 24-26 November at the CSIR Convention Centre, Gauteng.
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Generic medicine substitution and prescribing habits
Generic medicine is equivalent to brand-name medicine. It contains the same active ingredients, strength, dosage form, safety, route of administration, and intended use as a branded product.
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Charges against medical aid 'fraud' doctor withdrawn
"The documents said there might be possible areas of investigation which might have a bearing on the decision not to continue with the prosecution, especially in view of allegations made by Dr Anil."
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Lowering fat in the diet
In terms of weight management, fat is a killer: one gram of fat has almost twice as many kilojoules as 1g of carbohydrate or 1g of protein. Plus, too much fat can be bad for your heart.
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At GEMS we offer a lot of different programmes for disease condition management.

Managing HIV

Our full support for members living with HIV

Maternity Programme

High-quality care for our expectant mothers

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