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Membership & Dependants ›

Is it compulsory for all public service employees on a medical scheme to move over to GEMS? If not, will they still receive the medical scheme subsidy?
Can an employee who is a member of an open medical scheme (in other words a scheme other than GEMS) change to another medical scheme other than GEMS and still receive the subsidy?
Is it compulsory for new permanent appointments to join GEMS or can they join any medical scheme of choice and be subsidised?
Can contract workers join GEMS?
Where can I get all the information I need on the calculation of the employer subsidy and the employer subsidy rules?
With effect from which date is GEMS implemented?
Who qualifies as a dependant?
If a member dies, will his registered dependants still be covered?
Must I give notice to GEMS in the event that I wish to terminate membership?
What role does my employer play in my relationship with GEMS?
Can I register my dependants under my name on GEMS, even though I am covered by another scheme?
Why is my subsidy less on GEMS than with my previous scheme?
Why am I suspended?

Chronic Medicine ›

What is chronic medicine?
How do I apply for authorisation of my chronic medicine?
How do I obtain my approved chronic medicine?
What if my chronic medicine authorisation request has been declined?
Can you appeal a medicine authorisation?
Can I change my registered Chronic Network Pharmacy at any time I want to?
Am I required to use only my registered Network pharmacy or can I use any network pharmacy for my chronic medicine ?
How often do I need to supply the GEMS Courier or GEMS Network pharmacy with a repeatable prescription?
What if my authorised benefit changes?
How do I apply for emergency supply of medicine?
How do I apply for advance supply of medicine?

Hospital admissions (Emergency and non-emergency) ›

Must I do anything before going to hospital?
When must I apply for pre-authorisation?
What information must I have when I apply for pre-authorisation on 0860 00 4367?
What must I ensure that I get when I apply for pre-authorisation?
What if I stay in hospital longer than the approved length of stay?
Why does Physiotherapy require pre-authorisation and how is it going to work?
Do I also require pre-authorisation for out of hospital physiotherapy?

Emergency Medical Services ›

What do I dial for telephonic emergencies?
What do I do if I need an ambulance service?
What procedure do I follow for transfers between hospitals?

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