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Who can join GEMS?

Employees or pensioners of a National Department listed in Schedule 1 of the Public Service Act, a Provincial Department listed in Schedule 2 of the Public Service Act, a Provincial Administration listed in Schedule 2 of the Public Service Act, organisational components listed in Schedule 3 of the Public Service Act, or any employer group approved by the Scheme (a list of these employers is available in Annexure A of the Scheme Rules. Employees of the South African National Defense Force, the National Intelligence Agency and the South African Secret Services are disqualified from joining GEMS, including any department where the conditions of service do not allow their enrolment on GEMS.

Why join GEMS?

GEMS members enjoy access to benefits that are tailor-made for government employees. Contributions are directed at paying for healthcare services rather than expensive administration. Well-established service providers are contracted to partner with GEMS in the delivery of services to members.

GEMS members benefit from:

Quick access to medical cover - GEMS has no waiting periods or penalties
Excellent healthcare benefits at affordable contribution rates
Prompt and efficient claims payments every two weeks
Regular member communications, which are available in all 11 official South African languages
Friendly and efficient customer service in all 11 official South African languages
Access to extensive medical care at private facilities of your choice
Disease management programmes to manage the treatment and costs of ongoing illnesses, such as HIV/AIDS and Diabetes
A choice of a Network or Courier Pharmacy to ensure you receive your chronic medicine each month in the way that is most convenient for you
A 24-hour Emergency Medical Service that covers a wide area of South Africa
Convenient self-help tools that enable you to access your benefit information on the go at anytime, anywhere
18 GEMS Walk-in Centres across South Africa; two in each province
Absolute privacy: Your medical information is always kept completely confidential - even from your employer.

Is it compulsory for new permanent appointments to join GEMS or can they join any medical scheme of choice and be subsidised?

New appointees with an appointment date of 1 July 2006 or later will only be subsidised on GEMS. They will not qualify for an employer subsidy if they join an open medical scheme.

Can contract workers join GEMS?

Contract employees whose term of appointment is at least six months may join GEMS. Note that some contract employees are remunerated by means of all-inclusive remuneration packages, i.e. basic salary and a cash amount calculated as 37% of basic salary. PERSAL will not generate an employer subsidy when such a contract worker joins GEMS since the subsidy is already built into the remuneration package.

Who can join GEMS as dependants?

Questions about the employer subsidy ›

Family structureJanuary 2016 January 2017 
Main member R1 008 R1 097 
Main member + 1  R2 017 R2 195 
Main member + 2  R2 633 R2 865 
Main member + 3  R3 249 R3 535 
Main member + 4 R3 865 R4 205 

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