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Message from the Principal Officer

Our undertaking to you in 2017 is to put you and your loved ones'
health and wellbeing above all else

The long summer holidays in South Africa is a time when the nation pauses to appreciate the year's achievements and to reconnect with family and friends. It is a time of reflection in which we remember the people who have crossed our paths, and how we have impacted and enriched each other's lives. 

For us at GEMS this time provides a valuable opportunity to take stock and reflect on our achievements as well as to take note of those areas where we still have work to do. This is also a time to ensure that we remain true to our promises to you, our valued members.

We are a highly competitive nation. Hearing therefore that a 500% increase in sick leave since 2001 has seen South Africa steadily slipping down global competiveness rankings is news that does not sit well with anyone. Particularly, when considering that a mammoth R19 billion is lost every year due to absenteeism, thereby placing the economy at serious risk.

The South African public sector, and more specifically within GEMS, we are perfectly positioned to reverse this trend. Not only can we have a positive impact on the health, wellbeing and productivity of government employees but we can also have a powerful knock-on effect on the lives of our fellow South Africans at community level, thereby playing an integral role in improving the healthcare outcomes of individuals across the board.

As an organisation entirely dedicated to serving our members, GEMS touches the lives of close on two million South Africans. Without doubt GEMS has matured into a quality medical scheme providing for public sector families across the board, but specifically for lower-income families who previously did not have access to private healthcare services before. This was achieved this through focused practice, dedication and innovation, which will remain our guiding force in 2017.

I appreciate this opportunity to connect with you and look forward to being of service to you and your loved ones, now and into the future.

With very best wishes,

Dr Guni Goolab

Principal Officer

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