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In addition to the Scheme's Board of Trustees and Executive Team, there are six Committees of the Board that oversee the work done in various areas. They perform their duties with your interests in mind and ensure the decision-making processes and structures are effectively governed.

Audit Committee

Assists the Board of Trustees in carrying out its duties relating to the Scheme's accounting policies, internal control systems, financial and sustainability reporting and risk management practices.

Operations Committee

Assists the Board of Trustees in ensuring efficient operations of the Scheme, such as the collection of contributions, claim payments and managing member records. The committee also assists the Board of Trustees with overseeing marketing and communications.

Clinical Governance and Ex Gratia Committee

Assesses, decides and reports on the approval of Ex Gratia payments, such as the payment of members' claims where normal benefits are not available. Strict criteria are consistently applied when the committee meets every six weeks to consider requests for Ex Gratia payments.

Governance and Risk Committee

Ensures that sound corporate governance is applied in the Scheme's affairs by making sure the Scheme complies with all laws and rules that affect its operations. The committee also makes sure that risks to the Scheme's business are identified and properly managed and that the interests of all stakeholders in the Scheme are properly protected.

Dispute Committee

Independently considers and presides over any dispute that members may refer to them for consideration.

Remuneration Committee

The Committee's responsibilities include, amongst others, overseeing the maintenance and administration of the GEMS Remuneration Policy for employees, Trustees and independent committee members and reporting against the Policy. The committee also oversees the maintenance and administration of the GEMS Performance Management Policy for employees as well as the annual employee and Trustee salary surveys conducted on behalf of the Scheme.


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