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Emerald Value Option

Enjoy the same rich benefits as Emerald for less

Because we know that you are always looking for smart ways to save, we have created the new, smart Emerald Value option. It gives you the same rich benefits as the existing Emerald option, but at a more affordable rate. This is how we save you money without cutting down on benefits:

  • GP nomination: Members must use their nominated General Practitioner (GP), who must be on the GEMS
    network, as their first line of care when seeking medical
  • In-hospital benefits: Members must use a hospital of their choice from the Emerald Value Hospital Network for
    in-hospital needs.
  • Specialist referral: Specialist referral must be obtained from your nominated GP for all specialist requirements.

How about a 0% increase in 2017?
That's right - a 0%* increase may apply to members switching from Emerald to Emerald Value for 2017. Members who stay on Emerald face contribution increases of 15% for 2017, while members who switch from Emerald to the new Emerald Value will have lower increases - as low as 0%* - after their medical subsidy is included.

Ready to switch?
If you decide to switch to Emerald Value, you must let us know by 15 March 2017. Call our call centre on 0860 00 4367
or visit for more information. The sooner you switch, the sooner you'll save! *Depending on the number of dependants, most Emerald members will experience a 0% increase and even a decrease in the actual out-of-pocket amount they pay. Please consult your HR on what your subsidy entitlements are.

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