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The importance of getting your children's eyes tested regularly

September marks the start of National Eye Care Awareness Month, and even though eye health is important at any age because eye conditions are often detectable and reversible at a young age, this month we focus on eye care in children. Read more>

Understanding the impact of hearing loss and deafness

As the sounds of spring starts emerging around us spare a thought for the 360 million people worldwide who, according to the World Health Organisation suffer from disabling hearing loss, 32 million of whom are children. Hearing loss can result in partial or profound deafness and in many instances can actually be prevented. Read more>

Your guide to surviving allergic rhinitis

It has often been said that the human sense of smell is better in spring and summer because of the additional moisture in the air. However, for many among us Spring is allergy season! Read more> 

The importance of maintaining good oral health

September is National Oral Health Month and considering oral health can impact a person's ability to bite and chew, talk and speak clearly, and in some instances even their self-confidence and psychological state of mind, it makes sense to do all you can to ensure you maintain this important aspect of your health throughout your lifetime. Read more> 

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