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New approved medical scheme subsidy for 2018

One of our objectives as GEMS is to ensure that member contributions remain affordable and the medical scheme subsidy provided by your employer plays an important role in ensuring the continued affordability of your medical benefits. We are therefore proud to announce that government has increased this subsidy.

According to the Public Service Coordinating Bargaining Council (PSCBC) Resolution 2 of 2015 , the subsidy has been approved and increased by 9.2% for active employees.

To read the full communication regarding the adjustment  of medical subsidies for employees of GEMS, click here. Please consult your employer regarding the subsidy increase implementation date as well as information on how this applies to you as an individual.

  • Employees on salary level 1 to 5 participating on the Sapphire option will continue to be subsidised at 100% up to the maximum amounts as indicated below.
  • In-service employees on GEMS will receive a subsidy of 75% of their total contribution up to the maximum as indicated below.

New subsidy for active employees

Family Structure 

January 2017 

January 2018 

 Main member without dependants

 R 1 097

 R1 198

 Main member with one dependant

 R 2 195

 R2 397

 Main member with two dependants

 R 2 865

 R3 129

 Main member with three dependants

 R 3 535

 R3 861

 Main member with four or more dependants

 R 4 205

 R4 592

The new subsidy policy for pensioners is as follows:

  • Pensioner members who were on salary level 1 to 5 and on the Sapphire option while they were active employees, and retire on the same option, will now continue to receive a 100% subsidy for the main member and up to one dependant (up to a maximum of R2 397 as indicated in the table below).
  • Pensioner members on GEMS will receive 75% of their monthly contribution as a subsidy up to the following maximum. 

New subsidy for pensioners

Family Structure 

Maximum employer monthly subsidy

Maximum employer monthly subsidy for Sapphire option salary levels 1 - 5

 Main member without dependants

 R 1 198

R1 198 or limited to Sapphire contribution of a single member

 Main member with dependant(s) maximum

 R 2 397

R2 397** or limited to Sapphire contribution of a single member with dependant(s)

* Maximum post retirement medical subsidy calculated at a maximum of a single main member with dependant(s).
** Maximum post retirement medical subsidy calculated at a maximum of a single main member with dependant(s) for former employees on salary levels 1 - 5 who belonged to the Sapphire option.

Note: The full cost of any additional costs will be borne by the former employee. 

If you have any questions about your subsidy, you should discuss them with the Government Pensions Administration Agency (GPAA).

The useful contribution calculator on the GEMS website homepage will help you to work out your monthly contributions if you are employed in the Public Service.

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