Appointment of a service provider for the provision of ICT Server Infrastructure, HPE Maintenance and Support Services for the Government Employees’ Medical Scheme for a period of one (1) year commencing 01 December 2023, which contract may be annually renewable for a maximum of (2) two more years.

Bid reference: 

Please quote the applicable reference number in all correspondence. Correspondence without a reference number will not be attended to. 

Compulsory Briefing Session:

Date: 25 July 2023

Time: 09h00 to 10h30

Online via Webex/MS Teams

Attendees joining the session more than 15 minutes after the starting time noted i.e. after 09h15 will be deemed not to have attended the briefing session.

Prospective service providers are required to notify the relevant person at the respective email address indicated below for this requirement, before 10h00 on 24 July 2023 on whether they will attend the briefing session. Bidders will be provided with a link to connect and join the session on confirmation of attendance. Attendees must have their own copies of the bid document in the briefing session.

Closing Date:15 August 2023 Time: 11:00

The time stipulated is in accordance with Telkom time, available by dialling 1026. Further submission details are contained in the bid document. Submission will be strictly electronic to the relevant email address. No late submissions will be considered.

Request for and submission of bid document:

Bid documentation will only be available electronically in PDF or other format, on request by email, from Tuesday, 18 July 2023 from the following person:

Boipelo Sithole by email at CON011.23ICTServerInfrastructureSupport@nexia-sabt.co.za

The bid documents can be requested electronically at any time but will be distributed during office hours which are between 08h00 and 16h30, Mondays to Fridays, excluding public holidays. Completed bid documentation must only be submitted in electronic format as per the bid document instructions. No hard copy submissions will be considered.

Procurement processes administered by GEMS and Nexia SAB&T

Reminder to Suppliers who want to register on the GEMS Supplier Database

There is a Training/ Guiding session available to support you in completing your Database application. This is the second session and is not compulsory.

Should you be interested in attending the session, please send an email to database@gems.gov.za indicating your interest and provide the company name and email address to which the invitation can be sent to.

Date:  20 November 2023        Time: 11h00-13h00

All enquiries should be directed by mail to database@gems.gov.za.

CLOSING DATE FOR APPLICATIONS: 08 December 2023 @ 11h00

Invitation to register on the GEMS Database of Suppliers

The Government Employees Medical Scheme (GEMS) was registered in terms of the Medical Schemes Act 131 of 1998 with effect from 1 January 2005 and commenced member enrolment on 1 January 2006. The registered office of the Scheme is based in the Menlyn Maine Precinct, Pretoria.

In accordance with the Scheme’s Supply Chain Management Policy, GEMS may call upon suppliers in the database by way of requests for quotations, requests for proposals and/or tenders. Importantly, the registration of a supplier on the Supplier Database does not guarantee that organisation business opportunities going forward.

GEMS hereby informs the market, as part of its annual intervention, that suppliers who may be interested in rendering services or providing goods to GEMS, can request an application form for completion and consideration.

Service providers who have completed an application prior to 2021 and who have not received an official response from GEMS, must also complete a new application. Service providers who were added to the GEMS Supplier Database prior to 2020 received an email from GEMS to complete a new application form. Failing to submit an application as requested. the service provider will be removed from the GEMS Supplier Database in due course. 

GEMS will not consider more than one supplier with the same or a majority of the same owners/ directors for the same database category. In such case, the suppliers will be informed that only one of those suppliers can be considered for placement on the database for that specific category.
The work the Scheme will perform in 2024 may necessitate the provision of goods and services noted in the application document, which will range from consulting services to goods. 
GEMS is committed to the principles of B-BBEE, and we adhere to all relevant legislation. The participation of B-BBEE controlled, B-BBEE owned companies, companies who are at least 51% Black-owned, companies who are at least 30% Black Women-owned, EMEs, QSEs as well as Black Designated Groups as per the Codes of Good Practice and SMMEs is encouraged. Suppliers who do not have extensive experience in a specific category may also be considered in such categories and under specific circumstances. Certain categories of services, as indicated in the application form, may be reserved for suppliers who do not have extensive experience.

Application forms can be downloaded from the GEMS website and can also be obtained electronically by sending an email to database@gems.gov.za. 

Interested suppliers are required to complete an application form and email the form, as well as the required documentation, to database@gems.gov.za. No hard copy versions of any documentation that is delivered will be considered, and no application sent to another email address within GEMS will be considered.

Training/ Guiding sessions available to support application completion.

Sessions are made available on how to complete the application as support to any applicants. These sessions are not compulsory to attend. Suppliers who are interested in attending one of the sessions must send an email to database@gems.gov.za indicating which session they want to attend and must provide the company name and the email address to which the invitation can be sent to.

Dates: 24 October 2023 and 20 November 2023. Time: 11h00-13h00

All enquiries should be directed by mail to database@gems.gov.za

Closing Date For Applications: 08 December 2023 @ 11h00

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For more enquiries please contact the numbers below:

GEMS Switchboard: 012 366 4500