HIV/AIDS Management

Managing HIV

GEMS has an effective HIV/AIDS Disease Management Programme (DMP) for our members. If you or one of your dependants is living with HIV/AIDS, registering on the HIV/AIDS DMP can give you the support you need to lead a healthy and productive life. 


Confidentiality guaranteed

We take special care to maintain the confidentiality of GEMS members and dependants who are HIV positive and decide to join the HIV/AIDS Disease Management Programme (DMP). This programme is managed by a team of healthcare professionals separately from other Scheme programmes and the employer.
The HIV/AIDS DMP has its own confidential contact channels, which are:

Telephone: 0860 436 736
Send a ‘please call me' to: 083 843 6764
Fax: 0800 436 732

What benefits are available?

If you register on the HIV/AIDS DMP, you will have access to the following benefits:

Medicine to treat HIV/AIDS (antiretroviral therapy)
Medicine to treat and prevent opportunistic infections related to HIV/AIDS, including multi-vitamins where appropriate (a doctor's prescription and pre-authorisation is required for all medicines, including multi-vitamins)
All pathology tests related to monitoring the disease 
Regular monitoring of your condition to ensure you start treatment at the right time and that it is effective 
Clinical support and guidelines for treating doctors
Access to a specially trained medical team who will review your details and consult with your doctor to ensure that you receive the most appropriate treatment for your condition
Reminders for you and your doctor to do regular check-ups and tests to monitor the state of your health and update your treatment where necessary
Treatment to prevent the transmission of the virus from mother to child (including treatment for the baby)
Treatment to prevent the transmission of the virus from accidental exposure to infected bodily fluids (sexual assault, needle stick injury). 

Accidental exposure?

Please call 0860 436 736 if you have had accidental exposure to HIV so that we can arrange appropriate Post-exposure Prophylaxis for you.


How do I register on the HIV/AIDS DMP?

Step 1: Patients who do not know their HIV status can ask their doctor or clinic to test them. GEMS will pay for this test and the doctor will be informed of the results.
Step 2: Patients who are HIV positive can download the application form or obtain one by calling 0860 4367 36 using the "please call me number" 083 843 6764 from Monday to Friday between 8am and 5pm and Saturday from 8am to 12pm or sending an email to
Step 3: Patients must visit their doctor who must examine them and complete an application form. Patients will need to sign the application form and submit it to GEMS. 
Step 4: The completed form can be faxed to the confidential toll-free fax number 0800 436 7329 or emailed to
Step 5: We will contact the patient to discuss the outcome of their application. 


HIV Disease Management Programme (DMP) guides


Need more information?

Call 0860 436 736 or send a "Please call me" to 083 843 6764, for more information.