2018 Annual Integrated Report


2018 Abridged

Annual Integrated Report 

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Annual Integrated Report   

2018 Annual Financial



2018 Annual Integrated Report - Part 1 to 3

Annual Integrated Report (Part 1)
Annual Integrated Report (Part 2)
Annual Integrated Report (Part 3)

2018 Annual Integrated Report - Chapters

1. Introduction
2. Key Perfomance Indicators
3. Chairperson Overview
4. Statement of Responsibility by the Board of Trustees
5. Organisational Overview of GEMS
6. Business Model and Value Creation
7. Cooperate Citizenship
8. Minister for the Public Service and Administration
9. Stakeholder Relationships
10. Strategy and Resource Allocation
11. Risk and Opportunity Management
12. Performance and Outcomes
13. Annual Financial Statements
14. Governance and Remuneration
15. Report of the Audit Committee
16. AGM Notice and Preliminary Agenda
17. AGM Minutes and Action List
18. Acronyms Abbreviations
19. Other Information

2018 Annual Financial Report - Chapters

Independent Auditor’s Report 
Statement of Financial Position 
Statement of Comprehensive Income 
Statement of Changes in Equity
Statement of Cash Flows 
Notes to the Annual Financial Statements

2019 Annual General Meeting 

AGM Member Guide
AGM Letter

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Promotion of Access to Information (PAIA)

This manual is intended to promote a culture of transparency and accountability, by actively promoting a society in which the people of South Africa have effective access to information to enable them to more fully exercise and protect their rights.
The manual has been compiled in accordance with the requirements of the Promotion of Access to information Act, no. 2 of 2000 ("the Act"). GEMS is a private body as defined in the Act and the manual contains the information prescribed in Section 51(1) of the Act:

•    A description of the records held by GEMS.
•    Records available without request.
•    The procedure to be followed and the fees payable when requesting access to records.