The GEMS Ethics Stance

GEMS is committed to ensuring that a high standard of ethical conduct is displayed by GEMS employees at all levels, by GEMS Trustees and Independent Committee Members and also the contracted providers who render services to our members. The Board of Trustees is committed to ethical leadership by setting the tone at the top.  This is done through governance structures that oversee effective ethics management within the Scheme and by approving and revising our ethics policies. 

What do we mean by Ethics at GEMS?

The term "ethics" refers to standards of conduct, which indicate how a person should behave, based on moral duties and virtues arising from the principles of right and wrong.  Ethical behaviour refers to actions by employees which are intended to further the common good of the organization, as outlined in the policies, procedures, directives and business objectives, with which employees are required to comply. 

Ethical behaviour is also regarded as a collective behaviour, because external stakeholders such as suppliers, service provider networks, members and the State develop their perceptions about GEMS' commitment to the common good on the basis of the actions and the conduct of GEMS employees they deal with.  In this way, committed and consistent ethical business conduct by employees of GEMS leads to a collective perception of GEMS as an ethical organization.  If a person is conscious that their conduct is against the common good of the organization and stakeholders, such conduct is unethical.

Our efforts?

GEMS have ethics policies and management processes in place, focused on the prevention of unethical behaviour but also on detection and consequence management.Our policies cover issues such as conflict of interest, the acceptance of gifts, nepotism, fraud waste and abuse and corruption. Our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct clearly outlines the expected behaviour and conduct of our employees, Trustees and Independent Committee Members towards members and all other stakeholders.  GEMS does not tolerate any unethical conduct and encourages everyone to report such conduct anonymously to our whistle blowing hotlines. 


Report Unethical activities:

If the suspected wrongdoer is a GEMS employee, Trustee, Independent Committee Member or an employee of a GEMS contractor:

If the suspected wrongdoer is a GEMS member, dependent on GEMS or a healthcare practitioner

Toll Free Number: 0800 111 507

Toll Free Number: 080021 2202

Email: gems@whistleblowing.co.za

Email: gems@thehotline.co.za

Toll Free Fax: 0800 212 689

Toll Free Fax:0867 26 1681


Postal:The Fraud Services Manager,PO Box 21076, Valhalla 0137

SMS Short Code: 33490

SMS Short Code: 33490



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