Palliative Care Programme

GEMS offers a Palliative Care Programme that provides all eligible members and their family, support with quality care   during the oncology disease progression. 

This programme is currently provided to members with advanced-stage or metastatic cancer, by a multi-disciplinary team that may include general practitioners, nurses, social workers and other specialists.

The focus of the Programme is to offer care which include pain management and relief from psychosocial distress. It also supports and enables a home-based care approach and minimises the need to access emergency medical care.

How is GEMS Palliative Care Programme covered?

If you are eligible and are registered on the GEMS Palliative Care Programme, it will be funded from your Alternative to Hospitalisation benefit and will not affect your day-to-day benefits or savings.

How do I access the GEMS Palliative Care Programme?

When you register on the Oncology Management Programme, a referral is automatically sent to the Palliative Care Team who will then assess your eligibility and, depending on the outcome of the assessment, will follow the enrolment process.

For further information or assistance, please contact the GEMS Call Centre on 0860 00 4367.