Disease Management


GEMS offers its members disease management programmes (DMPs) to help manage various chronic diseases and conditions such as HIV and chronic back and neck pain.

Details on how to register on the DMPs are included in the relevant sections of the member guide. Click here to access the member guide. 

Contacted by a qualified nurse to:

  • Provide healthcare education about conditions such as hypertension, asthma or mental wellness;
  • Share easy-to-read information on your condition(s), if required;
  • Offer healthcare advice and support to help you to better manage your health or chronic condition;
  • Give guidance on how to comply with the treatment prescribed for your condition; and
  • Be an additional support to the relationship with and care you receive from your doctor.

There is also a wealth of easy-to-understand information in our dedicated GEMS Chronic Medicine Guide, and GEMS HIV Guide to help you manage your chronic condition(s), and a number of disease-specific brochures to empower you to be as healthy as possible.


Care guides and health brochures