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Access to the GEMS network of hospitals

You can qualify for a government employee subsidy of up to 100%*.

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More about the Tanzanite One option

Previously known as Sapphire, this option has undergone changes to give our members more benefits! The new, improved TANZANITE ONE plan symbolises power, transformation and growth.

The new Tanzanite One option includes:

  • Comprehensive cover for both in-hospital and out-of-hospital benefits.
  • All salary level 1-5 members may enjoy a subsidy of up to 100% from their employer. You get much more by paying less!

 Full access to a network of private hospitals

Unlimited GP and specialist consultations (must adhere to care coordination rules)

Comprehensive In-hospital benefits (subject to state and GEMS network facilities)

Access to over the counter (OTC) medication

Introducing coordinated care:

You are required to nominate a network GP to coordinate all your healthcare needs.

You pay no out-of-pocket payments when you visit YOUR NOMINATED GP. You and each of your dependants need to nominate a GP.

Your GP will coordinate all your specialist healthcare requirements through a referral.

All our members on TANZANITE ONE have access to GEMS network of hospitals! GEMS has negotiated with numerous  private hospitals to offer ALL our TANZANITE ONE members quality healthcare.

If you use our network of hospitals you won’t have to make out-of-pocket payments, allowing you to save money!

Click here to see the full list of GEMS network hospitals.

How much does it cost?

Salary band Principal Member Additional adult member Additional child member
0 - R 10 506 R1363 R1077 R587
R10506.01 - R14743 R1429 R1145 R633
R14743.01 - R25256 R1520 R1203 R670
R25256.01 + R1778 R1505 R852

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Are you on total cost to company?

Qualifying Public Service employees could enjoy up to 100% subsidy from their employer.

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